“I made sure I saved myself from who I thought I was supposed to be to who I wanted to be.” -Isabel,

With all her experiences and education in business and in style, Isabel built The Bella Styling Co.

Helping entrepreneurs stand out by elevating their image and presence through personal brand and style.

A public speaker, a mentor and a lover of high heels and red lipstick. She thrives on both the journey and the results of her clients as they elevate their image and their presence.

It was a very challenging journey to come to terms and embrace who I am. I have fought to hard to pursue a dream that I thought I could never do – ever.

My pivotal moment came when I was working in corporate in Brisbane after a very relaxing year of maternity leave. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon at home where I looked at myself in the mirror and to be honest I was shocked! I knew I was tired but I I didn’t expect to look so terrible. It showed that I didn’t get myself together. I couldn’t believe that I let myself “go”. I didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t like the thought that I basically just let life take over and not put so much care to myself. Yes, motherhood was busy, especially that it was my first time and my focus wasn’t really on me but my little girl. It was fine, but on the other side of that I thought to myself, if I don’t take care of me, who’s going to take care of her. I was projecting negativity and started to get depressed because I was not my best self. I didn’t want her tho think that not putting effort in yourself is ok. It wasn’t. There was no display of self love or care and I looked like I didn’t care about the world around me.

I changed how I presented myself and then how I was received changed as well. Then the idea came…if I can do it for myself I can do it for others too.

Isabel’s Speaker Bio

Invest in yourself so others invest in you.