Have you ever wondered why you are not attracting the right opportunities in business? You are doing everything and giving it your all but all that doesn’t seem to work?

Two things I have learned over the years in business. One, you need to get your business backbone strong to withstand the storms and the changes. And the second one is looking the part which involves your image and your presence.

You can have a solid marketing plan, sales strategy and all the administration tasks on point but when it comes to attracting the right clients and the right collaborations which of course welcome the right opportunities you are well, stuck.

I have always said that in this day and age shop fronts are not as popular as what we have all grown up with. Not all businesses have offices and welcome mats on doors for your customers to come in and find out what you have on offer.

This leads me to personal branding and personal styling. Connecting your message to your image has never been so vital in business. Your message and your image need to be consistent to attract the right crowd. There are a lot of factors to make a business thrive. From strategies to systems but what business owners often forget is that you also need to build the shell. Your business needs an image to carry out that presence.

Here are some tips on how to look the part;

  1. Ask yourself who you want to be talking to?
  2. Do these pieces of clothing fit you properly?
  3. Are you comfortable?
  4. Is what your wearing aligned with the message you are speaking of?

If you have answered mostly no, it’s time to look into your personal brand and style and see if both connect. You want your image and your presence to align to build that immediate trust and to be seen as a person of influence and expertise.

Over on the Brand + Style page, I have written few more details on Personal Branding and Styling. Hope they help! Or book a consult below.