A night of fashion, music and nostalgia.

Let’s travel to 1990 to back to 2020 and witness how fashion has evolved and what has made comebacks.

Fashion Time Lapse, 29 February 2020, 6:30pm The Joinery, West End, Brisbane.


Welcome to The Bella Styling Co.!

We are a Brisbane based Styling & Fashion Events company for creatives and visionaries aimed at bringing their love for fashion to the limelight.

Photo by Rohan James Crothers
Hair and Make Up by Carly Stone
Model Kathleen Wicham
Styled by Isabel. The Bella Styling Co.
Blush Magazine November 2018

The world of fashion as we all know it is all about the glitzy clothes, the amazing shoes and the runway that takes us to a different place and feeling. Behind all that is something else. It’s an engine running non-stop to a destination where everyone awaits for that moment when someone’s creativity is put on the limelight.

The Bella Styling Co. can bring you, your creations, your brand to where you want it to be and more!

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